Cuckoo Cr-0351F

Cuckoo Cr-0351F


4.5 out of 5 stars

Cuckoo Cr-0351F, opnår en samlet score på 4.5 baseret på 626 forbruger- og ekspertanmeldelser.

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Gennemsnits Score: (4.5) 626 anmeldelser


“This is the best rice cooker! Wish I’d bought it years ago. Having a limited budget I couldn’t run to an IH Pressure version. But having only previously used a single switch cook/keep warm cheapy, I think this will do me fine for a few years at least. Weird how 1 cup cooked in this produces more cooked rice than my old one - yes, same cup and water volumes. Had no idea I now can cook less rice, so that’s an unexpected bonus. No problems with the instructions and although it doesn’t sing when ready like it’s bigger brother, there is a very loud beeping you can’t miss.” –

“Love the Cuckoo rice cooker. The 3 cup size is perfect for family of 4! Rice comes out so fluffy and soft, perfect each time. The timer allows you to cook longer if required. Good size, doesn't take up too much space on the benchtop.” –

“Is hard to find a rice cooker that is not giant, so finding this one that can even cook one small cup at a time was a pleasant surprise. It does what it says it does, efficiently and is easy to clean.” –

“I'm Korean-American, and I expected the Cuckoo to be faster than the Zoji cookers, but, wow, this was the fastest I've ever seen rice cooked! This was on the "Turbo" cooking function but there wasn't that THAT much of a difference between quality of the rice cooked on the turbo vs the normal glutinous functions that I noticed. Actually, I kinda preferred the rice cooked on the turbo function. With two cups it took 5-10 minutes more - still fast as lightning.” –

“I purchased an aroma rice cooker and returned it after its first use. This rice cooker is the best hands down. The rice is all cooked evenly with great fluff. So easy to use and my roommate had his same rice cooker for more than 8 years. I just bought one because he moved out and I am thrilled to own my own. Rice is the same cup after cup and all you need to do is adjust your water level to your desired consistency. Would recommend to anyone.” –

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