Cuckoo Crp-P1009S

Cuckoo Crp-P1009S


4.6 out of 5 stars

Cuckoo Crp-P1009S, opnår en samlet score på 4.6 baseret på 1069 forbruger- og ekspertanmeldelser.

  • Cuckoo Crp-P1009S er rangeret som nr. 1 blandt de analyserede riskogere.
  • Cuckoo Crp-P1009S er set til 2.217 kr. Gennemsnitsprisen for riskogere er 281 kr.
  • Cuckoo Crp-P1009S har en vægt på 7.3 kg.
  • Cuckoo Crp-P1009S har en effekt på 1150 W.
  • Cuckoo Crp-P1009S har en volume på 1,8 L.
  • Cuckoo Crp-P1009S har et flot design og er lavet i rustfrit stål.
  • Cuckoo Crp-P1009S er nem at anvende og nem at gøre ren efter brug.

TEST KILDER (4.8) 74 anmeldelser (4.9) 11 anmeldelser (4.3) 15 anmeldelser (4.6) 16 anmeldelser (4.6) 953 anmeldelser
Gennemsnits Score: (4.6) 1069 anmeldelser


“This rice cooker may be pricey but you sure can taste the quality difference. If you are picky or serious about rice, this is a good investment. It is sturdy, easy to use, and gives rice a more enhanced taste.” –

“Well made rice pot it even talks you through the set up process” –

“This rice cooker failed to do the little things well, while making good rice. But not 300$ good rice. My perspective is that I am a decent cook, I like simplicity and intuitive design. I make rice maybe 3 times a week.” –

“We’ve made rice 5 times since purchasing this cooker. Being pressurized, it uses a less water than our old Zojirushi. A large batch of rice easily keeps moist and fluffy for days because there is a perfect seal on in the lid. The nonstick pan is easy to clean. I only soak it for 30 seconds before scrubbing with a soft sponge. The only drawback is the vent. After removing the inner metallic top dish for cleaning, there is always gunk from rice in between it and the inner vents on the lid. It requires some scrubbing with a towel, but is not a deal breaker.” –

“I’ve had this appliance for around 3 years, bought second hand but near-new. As a rice cooker, it’s fab: options to automatically cook various types of rice, and rice could be ready in as little as 20 minutes.” –

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