Cuisinart Crc400E

Cuisinart Crc400E


4.5 out of 5 stars

Cuisinart Crc400E, opnår en samlet score på 4.5 baseret på 5043 forbruger- og ekspertanmeldelser.

TEST KILDER (4.5) 4734 anmeldelser (4.1) 281 anmeldelser (4) 10 anmeldelser (4.5) 15 anmeldelser (4.5) 3 anmeldelser
Gennemsnits Score: (4.5) 5043 anmeldelser


“With only 2 people to cook for, the 4 cup cooker is just right. This one is really easy to use and cleans up with just a quick rinse to the non-stick pot! Cooks quickly and with no mess.” –

“What can one say about a rice cooker - oh yeah, it cooks rice well” –

“Everything is satisfying except tiny little pieces are missing (rubber foot) they are not important but its annoying.” –

“My last cooker I had for over 17 years. My only complaint is they removed the retractable cord. I loved the retractable cord it was a great space saving option. My button to heat finally but the dust. Vegetable steamer is wonderful and I often steam spinach with my rice” –

“I usually only cook for myself so the size is perfect! But still big enough if I cook for guests. Works so well and looks sleek with all my other stainless steel appliances.” –

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