Kenwood Mg510

Kenwood Mg510


4.4 out of 5 stars

Kenwood Mg510, opnår en samlet score på 4.4 baseret på 1856 forbruger- og ekspertanmeldelser.

TEST KILDER (4.3) 318 anmeldelser (4.3) 958 anmeldelser (4.4) 29 anmeldelser (4.4) 480 anmeldelser (4.9) 71 anmeldelser
Gennemsnits Score: (4.4) 1856 anmeldelser


“Bought to mince chicken wings for the dogs' BARF diet. (I grind tips and pre-tips and smaller whole wings.) This machine copes very well, no blockages and does it quickly and efficiently.” –

“I read a lot of reviews on different meat grinders before deciding on this one, and I found a description on another site selling this product that said all components were dish washer proof, and it was a Kenwood which was a tried and trusted brand. The dish washer proof parts would have made a meat grinder at this price unique, as I hadn't found any under £3,000, so I bought it only to find that none of the parts are dish washer proof!” –

“I bought this mincer for the name. Well made and powerful. Only point to make is that for sausage making I still think the plunger/piston type sausage machines are by far the best as the mincer retains a lot of meet in the screw assembly which is then wasted, this doesn't happen with piston type sausage machines but as I say this is still a first class mincer which I suspect could well be suitable for commercial used.” –

“I've been looking for a good and powrful meat mincer for ages, something similar to the 'National' one which my mum has got. She's been using it for over 20 years now. Sadly they're not available in the UK. last year I got a cheap one (brand ZOOM)which I thew away after I stupidly washed it in the dishwasher! Then I started looking for any meat mincer that is made of stainless steal and got all the accessories I need to make Kebbe (from oriental cuisine). I finally found this in a reasonable price! and it does the job.” –

“Bought this in lockdown for a bit of fun, really loved making sausages! Made a few batches so far, machine has worked really well. Found it very easy to use and set up, pretty sturdy. The parts all seem pretty decent quality and stack/store pretty well. In terms of a couple of draw backs preventing 5 stars; could perhaps be heavier to offset the balance when using it, nearly tipped over a couple of times, would be good to have multi speed functions, and would be so much better if the detachable parts were dishwasher proof” –

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