Ritter Serano 7

Ritter Serano 7


4.4 out of 5 stars

Ritter Serano 7, opnår en samlet score på 4.4 baseret på 343 forbruger- og ekspertanmeldelser.


mediamarkt.de (5) 16 anmeldelser
amazon.de (4.4) 298 anmeldelser
otto.de (4) 10 anmeldelser
amazon.co.uk (3.2) 3 anmeldelser
idealo.de (5) 16 anmeldelser
Gennemsnits Score: (4.4) 343 anmeldelser


“It was cheap and efficient” – Amazon.co.uk

“Cuts gammon joints as thin as you like and it will get right to the end of the joint - no lump left at the end. It will not dismantle completely which is a shame because it makes cleaning it much more difficult, especially with greasy meat. Overall very pleased and I would recommend the product.” – Amazon.co.uk

“Pretty nifty little gadget for the price it certainly does the job. A little bit gutless when slicing things like hard cheese but otherwise very handy! So small compared to a big stainless slicer. Very easy to use too.” – Amazon.co.uk

“My 3rd slicer which worked well for almost a year and then stopped suddenly and completel., In therory has a 2 year warranty but there is no way of enforcing it as the seller, Sotel-Electronics, takes no responsibility if it breaks down. This item is available from other suppliers on Amazon and I suggest you buy from them.” – Amazon.co.uk

“I used it to cut large quantities of sausage, coppa, chorizo, carrots, etc. for a party. Save time and regularity with very thin slices, but the all-plastic cutting guide is not great! It does not hold well in place and cuts itself at the end of the race. In any case the blade cuts well! It really cut off a tip of my index finger. To use with a protective glove!” – Amazon.co.uk

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