Unold Backmeister

Unold Backmeister


4.5 out of 5 stars

Unold Backmeister, opnår en samlet score på 4.5 baseret på 930 forbruger- og ekspertanmeldelser.

TEST KILDER (4.3) 103 anmeldelser (4.3) 4 anmeldelser (4.5) 4 anmeldelser (4.5) 792 anmeldelser (4.2) 27 anmeldelser
Gennemsnits Score: (4.5) 930 anmeldelser


“I particularly wanted a ceramic coated bread pan and am really pleased with this bread maker. The bread comes out easily even if the paddle has not been removed prior to baking. Although the control panel on the machine is in German it is not a problem as there are clear English instructions.” –

“This bread maker is better made than the market leaders and look likely not to share their fault of early breakdown in daily use. My only reservation is that the instructions are a literal translation of the German so one has to guess at terms like "farmer bread" and " leaven". the bread is very good but it will take some time to adapt recipes.” –

“This really is a cracking bread maker. I have had a few over the years but this is by far the best quality. The instructions are easy to use, really no problems with the translation at all. The bread is beautifully cooked every time. I used my own recipes from a bread maker book rather than the recipes in the book as I have a favourite. I have made all three size loves with great success. It is very stylish, looks great in my kitchen. Overall a really great buy!” –

“I bought this machine in 2010 which means that it has had a good testing. For the first eighteen months I used it to finish the bread and it performed very well, but there was always a hole in the bottom of the loaf if I did that (all bread-makers have this disadvantage)and I always got a tall loaf and so I now use it purely for kneading. This is much more satisfactory for me because the shape of a loaf and the baking temperature make a great deal of difference to the end result.” –

“Hi , I got this about 5 years ago ,I made Many. Loafs of bread. With this. Machine I love it. Thank you.” –

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